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The Texas Hill Country itself is a treasure trove of natural beauty and outdoor adventures. From hiking scenic trails and exploring hidden swimming holes to sampling local wines at nearby vineyards, there's something to captivate every visitor. The Yurtopian's strategic locations near charming towns like Wimberley and Dripping Springs offer easy access to both cultural delights and outdoor excursions. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or a solo adventure, The Yurtopian promises an unforgettable glamping experience in the heart of the Hill Country.


The Texas Hill Country: 

The Texas Hill Country is one of the most striking regions of natural beauty in all of North America, let alone just Texas. It’s also one of the very best places to eat, drink, and spend a leisurely vacation exploring. And the best place for your luxury Hill Country getaway. A yurt. A luxury Mongolian yurt, to be precise. Intrigued? Let us tell you more about why The Yurtopian is the best glamping trip in all of Texas.

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Maggie Ger, your home away from home.

Texas Hill Country Glamping: Not Your Grandpa’s Camping Trip

Glamping ain’t camping, and at the Yurtopian, you’ll have every amenity you’d have back home and then some. We’re talking a king-size bed that may well be the most comfortable thing on which you’ve ever slept; a private deck and hot tub (which doubles as a plunge pool in summer); a full-featured kitchen and bathroom; year-round climate-controlled comfort… and, of course, everything is maintained to five-star standards: ain’t no dirt in the yurt. 

Yurts are a subject all their own— and if you want to know more about our yurts and why they’re the best luxury yurts in the Hill Country, you can read all about them right here. But that’s only half the story, because glamping’s true appeal is combining luxury accommodation with proximity to the great outdoors—and truly, there are few greater examples of the great outdoors than the Texas Hill Country.

The Texas Hill Country: The Lone Star State’s Crown Jewel

The Texas Hill Country is a region of rolling hills and savannah, carved over millions of years from the limestone that forms much of the region’s bedrock. It’s a land of contrasts, a place where the austere beauty of arid plains and limestone cliffs can suddenly give way to a meadow of wildflowers, or plunge sharply down to a gossamer stream or a secret swimming hole. 

Its roads wind over ridges and down through gullies, passing en route through scenic small towns, historic sites and an ever-growing selection of vineyards. The Hill Country’s natural environmental diversity, along with its distinct culture, provides a wide array of activities for those looking to strike out from their yurt and explore: whether it’s hiking, birdwatching, wine tasting, exploring the region’s rich history—or just exploring, period. 

Which Version of Yurtopia Suits You Best?

One of the great aspects of both The Yurtopian’s locations—our original site near Wimberley and our newer location outside Dripping Springs—is that while both feel like they’re an eternity away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they’re actually plenty close to the action. The former is only five minutes’ drive from downtown Wimberley, and the latter is 20 minutes from the center of Dripping Springs (and significantly closer to a whole lot of local wineries, breweries and places to eat).

Each town and surrounding region has its own distinct character. If you’re wondering which might be more your speed, look no further.


The scenic town of Wimberley is a former trading post on Cypress Creek, a winding stream that flows into the Blanco River just south of town. What Wimberley lacks in population—just over two thousand people call it home—it makes up for in character. It’s home to a thriving art scene, which visitors can explore via the Wimberley Gallery Trail, as well as an impressive variety of legitimately good places to eat and drink: some of our local favorites are Hildees for an upscale take on Texan cuisine; Creekhouse Kitchen + Bar for a laid-back outdoor meal; The Let Go for comfort food (and for the menu design!); Community Pizza for, well, pizza; and Longleaf for contemporary American food par excellence.

The nature preserve down by Cypress Creek will let you have a taste of the Hill Country’s natural beauty without having to drive a mile. And there’s another stunning slice of nature a short walk away:Blue Hole Regional Park, 126 gorgeous acres of parkland that are shaded by majestic cypress trees, crisscrossed by miles of walking trails, and best of all,  home to one of the Hill Country’s very best swimming areas. (And trust us, that’s a hotly contested title.)

Adventurous types might want to check out the local ziplining course, which provides spectacular views of the Hill Country, while those with less of a hankering for adrenaline might prefer a peaceful afternoon in the Patsy Glenn Refuge, a wildlife sanctuary that’s home to all manner of birds and other native wildlife. And if you find that all this nature has left you decidedly thirsty, our tip is The Devil’s Backbone, an authentic honkytonk just out of town that takes its name from an iconic (and allegedly haunted) part of the Hill Country. It’s Wimberley’s best dive bar and a live music hotspot owned and booked (personally) by Robyn Ludwick, a musician herself and also a member of the Robison family–i.e. Texas music scene royalty. The bar hosts all manner of touring bands—both local and from further afield—and is also famously home to the best jukebox in the Lone Star State. 

And when night falls, you’ll notice something: the sky. Wimberley is a Texas certified Dark Sky Community, meaning that there’s no light pollution to ruin your view of the stars.

Wimberley is a short detour off Interstate 35, around an hour from San Antonio and 45 minutes from Austin. 

Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs calls itself the Gateway to the Hill Country, and while everyone knows that the actual gateway to the Hill Country is a luxury Mongolian yurt, the town does have a justification for its choice of moniker. It’s barely 25 miles from downtown Austin, so if you’re coming from the north, Dripping Springs really will serve as your introduction to the joys of the Hill Country. 

The city limits mark the place where Highway 290 starts to wind its way up into the landscape that gives the Hill Country its name. As you drive up toward the town center, the rear view mirror will show the land receding into the beautiful cedar-lined valley below, while to the west it continues to rise–something it will do for another 200 miles before eventually plunging down toward the Rio Grande and Mexico. It seemed like the perfect place for the second outpost of The Yurtopian, and as with our Wimberley location, our Dripping Springs site is the best of both worlds: a corner of natural beauty and serenity that’s still within striking distance of town. 

As with Wimberley, the area around Dripping Springs features some of the most picturesque places in the entire Hill Country. Another contender for the title of the region’s most beautiful swimming site is Hamilton Pool, a natural cenote carved over millennia from the region’s limestone and fed by a spectacular waterfall that tumbles some 50 feet from the river above. It’s one of the best outdoor experiences the Hill Country has to offer, but it’s certainly not the only one: the region around Dripping Springs is crisscrossed with hiking trails, and nature lovers will find just as much to like here as they will in the Wimberley Valley.

Dripping Springs itself is a great place to both eat and drink: the town and its environs have seen an explosion of viticulture, brewing and distilling over the last few years, so if you’re partial to a tipple, you can have yourself quite a time exploring all the region has to offer. Hawks Shadow Winery is just around the corner, which is great as it is one of our absolute favorites. If spirits are your thing, then try Dripping Springs Vodka, Deep Eddy Vodka, or Treaty Oak Distillery; and if you prefer beer, then Ghost Note Brewery, 12 Fox Brewery, Bell Springs Brewery are calling your name. 

And, of course, you’ll want to accompany your drinks with some food, so you’ll be happy to know that the town is also very well-served for restaurant options: Tillies at Camp Lucy offers seasonal delights; HomeSpun Kitchen provides a TexMex menu to wash down your choice of 300 different whiskeys; Pig Pen BBQ is as authentic as barbecue gets; and if you’re craving something spicier, look no further than Nakhat Flavors for Indian food. 

As well as the Gateway to the Hill Country, you might also have heard Dripping Springs referred to as the wedding capital of Texas. And it’s true: there are 35 wedding venues within a 15-mile radius! This means that if you miss out on one of our elopement packages, well, you’ll have plenty of choices for Plan B. One thing that’s true about the Hill Country is that luxury escapes are always in demand here.

Oh, and one last thing: like Wimberley and Dripping Springs are both dark-sky communities. Whichever of The Yurtopian’s locations you choose, the night sky is yours in all its glory. Why isn’t it like this everywhere??

hill country glamping in the moonlight at maggie ger

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If so, book your stay now! We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of the Hill Country. 

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